Hello, World!

“Hello, World!” is the de facto standard introduction to every aspiring computer programmer. This one however serves as my introduction to the world.

My name is Darth Binamira. I am not a Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord, but just your regular everyday mediocre programmer/artist/gamer. I have finally set up my personal blog again1 after deciding how I should set it up. With so many ways to do it, and most of them pretty good, it all boils down to your needs. How that went for me will be for another post.

There are 3 things I’m planning for this blog. Keeping it to a minimal level should at least make it maintainable for me, and hopefully keep this going for a long time.

First, working with computers for a living but having no avenue to share, or at least leave traces of the kind of work is so old school. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly what I’m doing at work since I may get sued for that, but something that can be applied in general. For instance, when I’ve been messing with Docker there is so much more to tell than just a dockerfile and source code to go with it. Documentation of course is there, but that I feel is more targetted to specific users who already know about the topic. There are professional social networks and open source communities, but blogging practically hands you the keys to the car and become the driver where you get to decide what you write.

Second, being a born again gamer I feel this is the best time for gaming. Having the horsepower to run next generation games is pretty cheap nowadays. It is my duty to my fellow gamers to spread the news of good, bad, and ugly games. It has been an on and off relationship having to juggle work and other things, and balance is key to enjoying both. I won’t promise any IGN or Gamespot quality reviews, but just my own personal review of the things that gets me excited the most.

Third, and lastly, I want to take up design again. I have designed websites in the old days. I remember one fan site for the game Chrono Trigger which I submitted as my entry to a site making contest back in college. I never really got the result and forgot what happened after that. And the worst thing was I don’t have a copy of my submission. Design is not going to be limited to websites, but will also include artsy stuff.

There will be occassional posts that won’t really fit into any of the above. Not sure yet what those will be, but one from the top of my head may be my review on books I’m reading, or life hacks if I find any.

That’s it for now.

  1. I have kept my old blogs up on free services like blogger, wordpress, and tumblr, but I have explicitly blocked them from getting indexed by search engines.